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JeffreyGB's Poker Tracker Guide

FTR Forum member, JeffreyGB, contributed this write-up to FTR as an introductory guide to Poker Tracker. JeffreyGB has been a forum member since December 30, 2004. Thanks to JeffreyGB for helping make FTR a more informative site.

Poker Tracker is a Windows based computer program that allows you to analyze your online Texas Holdem poker play. Poker Tracker stores and summarizes hand history data that can be downloaded from your online poker site, and can then be analyzed to learn more about how your are playing.

Poker Tracker is an excellent software program for tracking and analyzing your poker play through gathering poker data from your saved poker hand histories. Poker Tracker will not save the poker hand information for you; the hand histories are available from the online poker room directly. But once you have the data, there's no better way to analyze the information.

From the Poker Tracker website:

What does Poker Tracker have to offer?

Poker Tracker allows you to track your ring game and tournament play on multiple poker sites. Do you have an account on Paradise Poker, Poker Stars, etc.? No problem, Poker Tracker will allow you to import hand histories from each site and store them in the same database. Don't worry if your screen names are not the same either, Poker Tracker has a way to let you to combine the stats from multiple sites.

Poker Tracker allows you to track your starting hands and with the various hand combinations see how many times you:
1) See the flop
2) Raise
3) Win money
4) And much more!

Poker Tracker allows you to track your play by position. You can see how many times you call under the gun, from the cut-off, etc. Look at the amount of money you win by position. You can also see how you play short-handed or with a full table.

Poker Tracker allows you to track your play by session/tournament.

Poker Tracker allows you to track your hand results. You can see how many times you got a flush, full-house, etc. and how much money you made with each hand.

Poker Tracker allows you to track your best and worst opponents. Find out whom you've won the most money from and who has won the most money from you.

Poker Tracker allows you to track every player you have ever played against and keep detailed notes on each player. You can see how often they see the flop, raise pre-flop, check-raise, win at showdown and much more.

Poker Tracker allows you to graphically replay your hands individually or replay entire sessions or even entire tournaments.

Since this guide was written, there have been many changes to tracking software for online poker. Poker Tracker released version 2 and then 3, adding new features and rooms. However, at this same time many competitors began to release their own software. Many of these new tools fixed a lot of the problems people were having with older versions of Poker Tracker. Poker Tracker tried to make a comeback by releasing Poker Tracker 3 with a new built in HUD and more stats that you can dream about. But there were still many issues with the software which led to people switching to other programs, such as Poker Office.

Due to the problems, complaints and advancements of competitors, we can no longer recommend Poker Tracker as the best tracking software for online poker. Even though they were the first tracking software available, they have fallen behind. We recommend you try out Poker Office for all your online poker tracking needs!

Poker Office has grown to now its 5th version, and is constantly considering poker player feedback for new features and updates. Poker Office won the best online poker software award in 2007, beating out all other possibilities. Since 2007, they have grown to include even more tools, such as:

- Instant poker odds
- Real time opponent statistics
- Built in graphing software with many of different statistics
- Built in fully functional HUD that is customizable to your needs.
- Support for over 170 poker rooms, including , , , , and other networks such as Prima Poker and Ongame.
- Automatically display mucked cards
- And more!

Here are some screen shots straight from the Poker Office software so you can see what to expect.

Poker Office Overview
Poker Office

Poker Office Graphs
Poker Office

To see more screen shots and all the features from Poker Office, check out their site to see everything it has to offer!

Perhaps the best part about Poker Office is that you can get it for FREE! It will cost you $99 per year for a subscription, which isn't much considering all it does. However, they have many offers on their website which allow you to sign up for a full subscription at NO COST to you! Poker Office is definitely the best when it comes to online poker tracking, we highly recommend checking them out!

Visit Poker Office now!

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